The Impact of Arabic Script on the Muslims of Tamil Nadu of India: Arabic Script as Base for Arwi Script

Dr.K.M.A.Ahamed Zubair


Arabic is the language of the Qur’an and Hadith. It is the medium through which the Islamic concepts and laws is conveyed to us. It is impossible to know what Allah wants us to do without knowing and understanding Arabic. Since Islamic law deals with all aspects of life and since the Qur’an and Hadith constitute the foundation of Islamic civilization, any serious study of Islam should include the study of Arabic. Qur’an and Hadith are in Arabic. This is the legacy left behind by the world’s greatest minds. Without Arabic we would deprive ourselves of the fruits of almost fourteen centuries of Islamic scholarship. Numerous sciences sprung up after the advent of Islam with the principal aim of preserving and explaining the Primary Islamic Sources. These sciences are still being studied and taught up to today in Islamic institutions and circles around the world – the result is an ever expanding heritage. Arabic has significant role in disseminating Islamic teaching and Islamic studies in India. The role of Arwi script is very influential in Islamic discourse and Islamic knowledge. Muslims are no longer need to rely on Arabic books solely to learn the beliefs and so on. Arwi manuscripts are used as a new platform to have a deeper understanding of Islamic guidance for local communities. These writings became the helpful hand for the Muslim community in learning Islamic knowledge as compared to the students in Islamic studies. These writings provide them very useful insights to the Muslim community in adhering to the faith of Islam and Islamic fundamentals. The primary objective of this study is to share the impact of Arabic Script on Muslims of Tamil Nadu and their magnificent literary history and the Islamic legacy of this script.

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