A Study on Writing of The Divine Scripture: Birth, Growth And Different Phases of The Written Holy Quran

Ahmed Cimak


The complete revelation of holy Quran had taken a long duration of twenty three years. The revelation was not in the form that we experience now as chapter after chapter or verse after verse, but it occurred in different phases. Some versus of a chapter would reveal in a day after special incident and some others verses of other chapter would be revealed after another incident on the same day. So, the writing of Holy Quran was not held in a perfect order and structure during the period of revelation. Despite our beloved (ﷺ) had many revelation writers in Mecca and Medina, The holy Quran was not brought between two covers as it is now. later, the holy Quran was compiled without missing any verse and then passed through different phases of writing styles. Finally, During the caliphate of Uthman RA, by dismantling all the difference of opinions between Sahabas and Thabeens, It was unified and arranged in the perfect way as our Beloved (ﷺ) had informed. So, this paper aims at showcasing the history of written form of the divine text holy Quran and the phases it had passed through.

 Keyword: A Study on Writing ; The Written Holy Quran ; The Divine Scripture

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